A December Tale (Niels Werner Collector Series Book 1)

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When I looked it up, I was a little amazed to find it was a year ago today.

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The Kickstarter was a lot of fun. Not me! I see that on the morning after the first day I was baking muffins. Coincidentally — if you believe in coincidences — I made banana chocolate chip muffins again on Sunday.

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But this year they had almonds and rhubarb in them instead of walnuts. Reviews were mostly strong but maybe they should have stayed in for another two minutes or so. Such is the way of baking on the fly. As everyone promised, running a Kickstarter was a wild ride. How many people on that list are members of secret societies? Who knows! The print run was quite close to the bone although there are some of the signed, numbered edition left which at some point I should do something about.

Mon 19 Dec - Filed under: Not a Journal. Want some last minute present ideas? OK, these are all going to be Small Beer books, I think. Nothing here will stop the howling void of despair and depression taking over all from the electoral shenanigans but they will distract for various amounts of time:. Margaret Atwood selected Ursula K.

It was a pleasure to encounter renowned SF and fantasy writer Ursula K. Also: there was an Ursula K. Le Guin symposium at the University of Oregon. The paper edition had many illustrations. Meanwhile the book was reviewed on Tor. Double yay! Hazel and Wren also liked the book. What can I say? It struck a chord. We begin in one place, blink, and open our eyes to somewhere— something —else. Quickshots: — Afrofuturism? The Liminal War — Density? Prodigies — The underworld? Archivist Wasp — Digging a hole? Sherwood Nation — Middle grade ecothrillers?

The Fires Beneath the Sea. Tue 6 Dec - Filed under: Not a Journal. This world continues to be crap — i. So for a brief moment instead of that here are some photos from a couple of panels at the Northampton Book Fair this weekend. The fair was in the Smith College Campus Center which is a beautiful building just outside the center of Northampton. The events were in two lovely, airy rooms on the ground floor and there was an antiquarian book fair full of the most tempting things upstairs.

Wow, so many pretty things. I saw some of the 10 a. That was fabulous. I missed Heidi Stemple and Jane Yolen what a line up that panel had! John is erudite and smart and very funny — and, hey, we sold books, which is always nice.


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He read and then answered quite a few questions, as the reading was well attended, and afterward I met some more local book and nonbook people. It was a lot of fun.

There were a few people who preferred to be actual Secret Backers so their names are not included here — and if you are a backer and you would like your name removed, please email me or send me a message through Kickstarter. Tue 15 Nov - Filed under: Not a Journal. The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosencreutz!

A year-old book novel? In addition to printed books, the collection also includes manuscripts, photographs, and broadsides that reflect the library's scope. However, certain items in Avery Classics have distinctive forms that fall outside all these categories. Such items, which we will call Architectural Novelties, are best explained in images. This exhibition highlights a selection of items from the Avery Classics collection that are both comprehensive and eccentric in their treatment of architecture.

The photographs in this exhibit were taken from by Barney Rosset, then a young American Army photographer. The Japanese Army was pulling back from the Ichi-Go operation, the largest Japanese land campaign of the war, and Rosset joined Chinese troops at the deepest point of Japanese penetration Kweiyang. The Biggert collection of architectural vignettes on commercial stationery. This unique collection of printed ephemera contains over 1, items with architectural imagery spanning the dates to , in more than cities and towns in forty-five states, as well as the District of Columbia and U.

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The collection's billheads, letterheads, envelopes, checks, and business cards document the rise of the United States as an industrial nation, in often elaborate vignettes of factories, warehouses, mines, offices, stores, banks, and hotels. In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the building of Butler Library, an exhibit of more than photographs decorate the bulletin board display on the third floor of Butler Library. The photographs span the decades and showcase the excavation and rise of South Hall as it was originally named , design details throughout the building, reading rooms, services such as research assistance and student activities -- which include sleeping as well as studying!

During the Spanish Civil War children were evacuated from the war zones to colonies in the war-free areas of Spain and in the south of France. Drawings by these children were collected from throughout Spain in a concerted effort of the Spanish Board of Education and the Carnegie Institute of Spain.

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A large group was assembled by Joseph A. Those presented here consist of a collection of made by children aged 7 to The images in this collection were assembled by Anne S. Goodrich in , when as a Christian missionary in Peking she became interested in local folk religious practices. She studied the paper gods in this collection for much of her life.

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After publishing her research conclusions in , she donated these prints to the C. The images are divided initially by usage: Those which were purchased to be burned immediately and serve as emissaries to heaven; and those which were purchased to be displayed for a year while offering protection to the family in a variety of ways, before being burned.

The images are further divided by display locations and by the deities they represent. The Group Research, Inc. Drawn from that collection, the items in this exhibit highlight the important role that illustrators, cartoonists and designers played in the dissemination of conservative points of view during this formative period for modern US conservative ideology.

A December Tale (Niels Werner Collector Series Book 1) A December Tale (Niels Werner Collector Series Book 1)
A December Tale (Niels Werner Collector Series Book 1) A December Tale (Niels Werner Collector Series Book 1)
A December Tale (Niels Werner Collector Series Book 1) A December Tale (Niels Werner Collector Series Book 1)
A December Tale (Niels Werner Collector Series Book 1) A December Tale (Niels Werner Collector Series Book 1)
A December Tale (Niels Werner Collector Series Book 1) A December Tale (Niels Werner Collector Series Book 1)
A December Tale (Niels Werner Collector Series Book 1) A December Tale (Niels Werner Collector Series Book 1)

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