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Residence Life will announce dates, times and procedures. Residents need to take precautions to insure, to the best of their ability, that theft does not occur. Remember to lock your door whenever you leave your room; do not loan or duplicate your keys; report lost room keys as soon as possible; take valuables home with you over breaks.

Any theft or loss should be reported to your RA or a professional Residence Life staff member and Campus Safety upon discovering the loss. All trash placed in the chutes must be bagged. Large items that do not fit in the chute must be carried to the dumpster in the upper parking lot. Students who continue to disregard this policy may lose their privilege to live on campus. This policy is upheld in both public and private spaces, including residence hall rooms.

Cohabitation exists when a person who is not assigned to a particular residence hall room or suite uses that room or suite as if he or she were living there. Visitors may not stay more than 3 consecutive nights, or 12 nights in a semester. Any violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action under the student code of conduct.

It is a safety concern and you will be subject to disciplinary action. Do not remove tiles in the ceiling or the window screens. Residence Life Membership in the Community. As members of the Oglethorpe campus community, residential students have a specific set of rights and responsibilities. Residence Life policies and regulations are designed to give a clear understanding of what is expected of you as an Oglethorpe University resident. It is important to recognize that a large number of individuals live together in a residence hall.

With these ideas in mind, the Office of Residence Life has established a number of guidelines intended to give students a standard by which to live and learn together. Responsibilities of Community Living. As an important member of this residential community you have the responsibility to: Verbally express your views to the person s involved, should you feel your rights have been violated.

Treat other residents with respect and consideration and grant them their individual rights. Understand all policies and regulations necessary for the hall and university community to function. Respond to all reasonable requests from fellow residents. Respond to and cooperate with all Oglethorpe University and Residence Life staff members at all times.


Take responsibility for personal and community safety, i. Accept responsibility for your behavior and that of your guests at all times. Recognize that public areas and their furnishings belong to everyone and that abuse of those areas violates the rights of all community members.

Report all maintenance issues to the appropriate person in a timely manner. Residence Life Staff. Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs. Please refer to section Bikes, Skateboards, and Scooters. Arrange a time for a check-out appointment with your RA well in advance of your planned departure date.

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Each resident is responsible for scheduling his or her appointment. All your belongings, including those on walls, in closets, in drawers, etc. As a courtesy to other students, please do not leave trash in hallways or outside your door. If your room or suite is not cleaned, you will be charged accordingly for improper checkout. Meet with your RA for a check-out appointment. The RA will inspect the room for damages, missing furniture and cleanliness.

Your RLC or other professional staff will determine final damage assessments. Encouraging, condoning, or choosing to remain in the presence of policy violations places you in violation as complicit to the incident. Students are expected to remove themselves from situations and environments in which campus policies being violated or are expected to be violated. Students in such a situation are encouraged to contact university officials.

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Residents may not cook in their rooms. Because of the fire hazard, sanitation problems and power consumption involved in food preparation, cooking is restricted to the kitchens provided in each area of campus.

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Coffee makers and small microwave ovens are the only appliances permitted in your room. No open coil-heating units like burners and toaster ovens are allowed because they are a fire hazard. Refrigerators are permitted as long as they are apartment-size less than five cubic feet. Refrigerators larger than five cubic feet will blow a fuse.

Damages to Communal Property. If hallways, baths, lounges or other public areas in the residence halls receive undue abuse, we expect the assistance of the residents of that area to identify the responsible individual s. When the individual s cannot be identified, all residents will be required to pay a prorated share of repairing such damages. Damages to Rooms.

Do not hang items from your ceiling or ceiling tiles. Decorations of any kind including posters, pictures, etc. Lofts are not permitted. Rooms may not be painted. If you have any questions about what is allowable, please ask first to avoid any unnecessary damage charges. Deposits, Refunds and Breaking your Contract. Extension cords are not allowed in the residence halls because they are a fire hazard. However, you can use a surge protector that is grounded, 15 amp, and UL certified.

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Elevators are for the convenience of all residents. Tampering with, vandalizing, or otherwise abusing elevator use is against policy, including overloading or manually holding the doors open.

http://clublavoute.ca/sokek-ponferrada-ligar-gratis.php Individuals who are found in violation of this policy may be subject to judicial review. Escort Policy. Hosts must escort all guests at all times while on campus. All residents have responsibility for informing guests of all Oglethorpe policies and procedures and specifically community living standards.

Residents are responsible for the actions of their guests. Fire Safety. All students must evacuate a building if an alarm is sounding. Do not re-enter the building until a staff member indicates it is safe to do so.

Room Assignment Policies and Regulations

Fire drills are conducted once per semester and failure to comply during a drill may result in disciplinary action and a fine. For the safety of all residents, candles and incense will not be allowed in the residence halls at any time. This includes decorative candles without a wick. Open fires are not permitted anywhere on campus. Do not tamper with, paint over, or otherwise cover smoke detectors or strobes on the wall. Fireworks, Firearms and Explosives.

Such items will be confiscated and the student will be subject to strict disciplinary action. Nerf and water guns are permitted. Possession or the discharging of fireworks on campus is in violation of the laws of Georgia and is prohibited. Students discharging fireworks or other types of explosives on campus are subject to expulsion from the residence halls.

A Handbook of Traditional Living A Handbook of Traditional Living
A Handbook of Traditional Living A Handbook of Traditional Living
A Handbook of Traditional Living A Handbook of Traditional Living
A Handbook of Traditional Living A Handbook of Traditional Living
A Handbook of Traditional Living A Handbook of Traditional Living
A Handbook of Traditional Living A Handbook of Traditional Living
A Handbook of Traditional Living A Handbook of Traditional Living
A Handbook of Traditional Living A Handbook of Traditional Living

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