Buried Truth (Ocean Mist Book 1)

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Willa gets her tools to cut the baby out. Madrigal will not survive it, just like her visions suggested. Then Caragh throws everyone out of the room and pushes her sister to deliver naturally. A baby boy is born. Madrigal survives the birth, defying the vision. Theodora Lermont, a respected oracle, arrives. She invites the oracle to dine with her that night and slips the poison into her food.

She learns the oracles want someone other than a poisoner on the throne and their confidence is behind Jules. Katharine asks where they are now. The oracle says Madrigal is in the mountains, riding toward Wolf Spring. Katharine sends someone to capture her. Then the oracle says the Blue Queen has come.

Arsinoe goes to the docks to hire a boat to take her to Fenbirnn Island. Billy and Mirabella appear, and the three of them hire a crew to take them that very day. The journey into the mist seems unending. Arsinoe and Billy decide they need to settle somewhere else if they ever get a chance to be together.

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They decide on Centra. Or it could be how the mist is now rising. Arsinoe, Billy, and Mirabella must swim for it. Luca finds Pietyr in the library doing research once again. She says the only solution is prayer and a merciful execution or low magic.

Katharine has a vision that her hand is withered and old. But her maid assures her it looks normal. Then her vision shifts back, and she realizes the maid is right. In her head, she asks the dead queens if it was a warning of some kind.

And she decides after all of this is over that Pietyr is right: They need to put these dead queens to rest. Katharine and Pietyr go to visit their new captive: Madrigal. They question her about Jules. Katharine asks her about the blood binding next.

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Luca thinks they should try to arrange a trade: Jules for Madrigal. She reminds Katharine that a queen can do great things when she must, just like when Queen Illiann created the mist to protect the island when a spurned suitor tried to invade. The island the Blue Queen led them to is Sunpool, the land of the oracles. They hear that Jules is there, so Arsinoe goes in search of her while Billy and Mirabella gather supplies.

She runs into Emilia, who takes her to Jules.

They catch up on what has happened since they parted. Emilia brings Billy and Mirabella to them, too. Katharine tried to decide how to get a message to Jules as her army is marching closer every day. Katharine sends Bree to talk to her. Elizabeth reluctantly agrees. Pietyr asks Madrigal about low magic. He asks her about spiritual possession.

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Soon she knows the full story. She wonders if Katharine is the legion-cursed queen in the prophecy instead of Jules. Madrigal says Katharine must go back to the Breccia Domain to put the dead queens back. Madrigal says they can also bring stones from Breccia to Katharine, cast the undead queens onto the stones, and then return them to Breccia. Pietyr gets back just in time to see Katharine with Elizabeth. They send Pepper the woodpecker away with the message for Jules.

Mirabella and Jules discuss Joseph and his burial. Pepper has a message for her. Arsinoe and Emilia argue about what is best for Jules and who truly has her best interests at heart. Jules and Mirabella come with the message the bird delivered. Arsinoe goes to stay with Jules.

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Katharine and her army march to the meeting place. Jules will never come for her. Arsinoe dreams a different dream about them Blue Queen. She dreams of bodies torn apart inside the mist. The white blanket closes in around her friends and blots out the island.

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Luca and Pietyr walk through the camp and happen upon Elizabeth and her recently returned bird. Arsinoe tells Jules she has to go to the mountain instead of the ambush to see what the Blue Queen is telling her. She thinks whatever it is must be vital. Billy will go with Arsinoe, and Mirabella will stay with Jules and the troops. Pietyr sneaks away and goes to the Breccia Domain. He gathers as many stones as he can and goes back to Madrigal for further instructions. They set their plan. Jules will have to be the bait that draws Katharine out. The two armies meet on the battlefield.

When Queen Katharine sees Mirabella, she loses control of the undead queens inside of her. Mirabella makes it to Madrigal and tries to have her get up so she can escape with him. When Jules sees what has happened, her war gift explodes out of her.

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The blast also hurts Camden. When she lays down to sleep that night, she dreams of Daphne approaching Branden posing as Illian. She tries to give him poisoned wine, but he reveals he knew it was her all along. He begins to choke her. Illiann and Henry arrive to save her. Branden fights Henry and lands a blow that knocks him to the ground.

Buried Truth (Ocean Mist Book 1) Buried Truth (Ocean Mist Book 1)
Buried Truth (Ocean Mist Book 1) Buried Truth (Ocean Mist Book 1)
Buried Truth (Ocean Mist Book 1) Buried Truth (Ocean Mist Book 1)
Buried Truth (Ocean Mist Book 1) Buried Truth (Ocean Mist Book 1)
Buried Truth (Ocean Mist Book 1) Buried Truth (Ocean Mist Book 1)
Buried Truth (Ocean Mist Book 1) Buried Truth (Ocean Mist Book 1)
Buried Truth (Ocean Mist Book 1) Buried Truth (Ocean Mist Book 1)

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