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Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Education. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Be the first to like this. No Downloads. The bustle of hospital life at Hilton is well described. We follow Cherry as she meets the classmates who are to become lifelong friends, and has challenges she could never have imagined. Although it does not enter the story much until the end, the United States is now at war.

Many nurses have gone to the Front, and there is a shortage of staff. Cherry and her classmates are intended to help fill these posts, as they go through their training and eventually develop the skills they need. The story is chatty and moves well, although there is little about the actual procedures they undertake. He needs an operation at once. If he does not bleed to death, the displacement of the adjoining organ may be fatal.

But then the author had little experience of medical matters or nursing, and the focus of these novels is strongly on human relationships. Plus in each of the novels, Cherry Ames is to solve a mystery to do with her nursing responsibilities. This first one was no exception. Towards the end of the book the tension mounts, regarding a mysterious patient about whom no one seems to know anything. But Cherry fears an emergency. If she were to attempt to save the life of this patient, whom she had been forbidden to talk about or see, she risked being expelled from Hilton. He was guarded by two important looking officials, and a nurse.

This patient was a famous army general, and if news got out that he was temporarily not leading his troops, the consequent loss of morale in the army could prove fatal to the war effort. I went along with the specialist nurse having to tour the town to find a secret new Russian drug, leaving her patient alone, though surely there would have another secret back-up nurse for emergencies. Wylie, the chief of staff, coming in the nick of time. What finally made me unable to suspend my disbelief, was when Dr.

Wylie asked Cherry, a student who had never even seen such an operation, assist at it. Was this likely? The original well-qualified nurse was at hand, and this operation was essential to the security of the nation! But this is par for the course with a typical romantic suspense novel, and this is in effect a juvenile prototype of that genre.

It provides an excitingly predictable and satisfying conclusion for those who like to read these types of novels.

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Nevertheless, she had been approached during World War II, with the remit to attract girls to nursing as a way to aid the war effort, and as a career. It certainly worked!


Over time, more than a million girls read the series, and many attributed their initial interest in nursing to the books. A spunky job-hopping, mystery-solving young nurse, cast in the Nancy Drew mould, could hardly fail. Helen Wells wrote the first seven stories and Julie Tatham wrote numbers , with Helen Wells returning to write numbers However, in story terms they are still enjoyable and easy to read.

What am I reading? Oddly Cherry seems equally admiring of the some of nurses in the hospital. By the end view spoiler [ the intern Jim Clayton, who had seemed destined to be the love interest for Cherry, became engaged to the nurse Marjorie Baker, whom Cherry also thought very feminine and attractive. I personally found this stretched credibility a little too far, and began wondering to myself whether she actually batted for the other team, but in a lesbian heroine would have been impossible to be portrayed as a role model for teenage girls.

Sure enough, charming, personable, capable and attractive though our heroine is, throughout 27 books, she never becomes romantically involved with the handsome doctors who feature in all the novels, and remains on a chummy basis. The publishers maintained that if Cherry Ames because engaged then that would be the end of her nursing career. Interestingly, others have picked up on this possible subtext.

In the s, the author Mabel Maney wrote a series of gay parodies of the a young nurse-come-detective, featuring lesbian characters. Helen Wells also found that she was not allowed to introduce other races into the story. In the same interview Helen Wells remarked that the old image of Cherry Ames was passe, and that it was not economically feasible to update her.

But this mild attempt at assertiveness all seems rather half-hearted now, and a little sad. The image we gather from the books is one of female subservience, with nurses rising respectfully when the physician enters the ward, and the nurse always doing what she is told.

Cherry Ames, Student Nurse

The series finished in , when the publisher said that girls were no longer interested in becoming nurses. The subsequent sales of the books however seemed to prove them wrong.

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As recently as , the Cherry Ames series was licensed to a new publishing company and began to be reprinted. Some are even available as ebooks on kindle. It seems anomalous, that whereas the original stipulated suitable age was 12 to 18, it now says 8 to 16 on reissued books. Having just read the first book, I seriously doubt whether some of the career concerns, independence and romantic elements I have described would be of interest to 8 years olds.

Equally though, a modern day 18 year old would find the characters here rather too naive. They might appeal to girls between 11 to 14 at a guess. However, there are serious problems with recommending these to youngsters, and I would suggest that their target audience is now slightly older adults, who have fond memories of reading these books in their youth.

I happen to have picked up one more, from later in the series, but doubt very much whether I shall look for others. They are entertaining enough, have a whiff of nostalgia, and at a dozen chapters, are solid short reads. But they are very much of their time. View all 12 comments. Not a fine form of literature, but an enjoyable and light-hearted tale of a young woman leaving a pampered life to become a nurse during WW2.

She has a deep calling to be a nurse and to help others, and a natural outgoing nature that makes it easy for her to gain friends. I'll definitely be reading more in the series as I need something lighter to read. View all 29 comments. Jul 04, David Merrill rated it really liked it. After reading some other Cherry Ames reviews, I thought it would be a good idea to suggest an approach to this series.

If you are used to reading girls series like Nancy Drew, Cherry Ames is rather a switch. In Nancy Drew the mystery drives the plot it's the central focus. Not so, with Cherry Ames. Cherry's plots are driven by her experiences in her new nursing job, the p After reading some other Cherry Ames reviews, I thought it would be a good idea to suggest an approach to this series.

Cherry's plots are driven by her experiences in her new nursing job, the problems she encounters and the people she meets. If you read the books expecting that, I think it will be a much more pleasurable reading experience. How I ended up reading Cherry Ames When I was in Grad School studying nutrition, I discovered, after studying biochemistry, I needed something light to read before going to bed. I started re-reading my Three Investigators books from when I was a kid. Now I read them when I'm sick and need something light.

Nancy Clue's girlfriend in the book was Cherry Aimless. So, I got curious about the origins of this character, Cherry Ames.

I've been reading them out of order as I find them. Then I read Chief Nurse. I was surprised for a kid's book how hard hitting the war stuff was handled. I found Cherry Ames to be much better written than any of the Nancy Drew books.

Cherry Ames, Student Nurse Cherry Ames, Student Nurse
Cherry Ames, Student Nurse Cherry Ames, Student Nurse
Cherry Ames, Student Nurse Cherry Ames, Student Nurse
Cherry Ames, Student Nurse Cherry Ames, Student Nurse
Cherry Ames, Student Nurse Cherry Ames, Student Nurse
Cherry Ames, Student Nurse Cherry Ames, Student Nurse
Cherry Ames, Student Nurse Cherry Ames, Student Nurse

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