Children of Chin (The Chimera Chronicles Book 1)

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Connecting the dots between the two, perhaps. Of note: the voice over, and the precise chronology with dates and times, like a well-rounded play. A drama unfolds to reach a climax, with a witty punch-line, an open-ended finale, and a reversal: terror and horror provides the unexpected opportunity Dick has been dreaming of…. The precise evocation of Hollywood: its icons and revolutionary spins.

The music, movies, television series and shows of an era that spawned Hippy culture and the Vietnam War. Violence laced with comedy, and the other way around. How to become a hero on screen or on the page?

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The importance of readers and viewers. The communal act of making a movie, and watching it. The narrative voice: who gets to tell the tale. Continue reading.

The arbitrary but relentless work of oblivion: Pepsi has survived And fish and chips, too. A creative blend of realistic scenes and supernatural moments. A self-referential nod, perhaps, to cinema and its ability to transform our habits, patterns and shapes into images and witty lines. The yellow submarine now exists only as a plastic commodity, Its connotative meaning only understood by the happy few who REMEMBER: Some inside joke only picked up by a privileged trio.

Stars are conjured up out of the folds of memory and dream. A world where truth prevails indeed at the expanse of phoniness and money, A world where love and loyalty triumph over arrogance and pride. A modern Orpheus recovering for his peers a beauty that could have disappeared forever. The film reenacts—like Lala Land a few months ago, for those who remember—the magic and wonder of cinema: Its ability to conjure up worlds where electricity comes and goes, where bonds are reinvented across borders, and where parents finally see the light, and love their child anew.

Rolling thunder and its series of actors on a stage. And its off-stage moments, with their own scripts and dramas. Modern troubadours for a timeless performance. Characters conjured up out of images and vintage footage and film excerpts, And recontextualized in a series of interviews that function like so many theatrical asides—with improvised or rehearsed lines, all creating an illusion.

A world of sound and fury With the occasional ghost or fool: A Shakespearan comedy of errors.

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Faces and voices retrieved from oblivion or nostalgia. We, in , perhaps feel that the rolling thunder that awaits us might be all too literal to be included as a metaphor, or even as a cultural borrowing. Some implicit and direct tribute to all that remains forgotten and erased, and must be exposed and listed anew? The ability of moving images and filmic narratives to conjure up alternative worlds and bespeak human creativity. To shape chaos—internal and external—into shapes, designs and patterns. To explore the meta-fictional dimension of Art: cinema drawing attention to the fact that it deals in not just: with illusion and fiction—aural and visual.

Breaking the fourth wall, exposing the trick. For Romero: the cultural context for the handling of the zombie character was the Vietnam War. The Undead no longer crave human flesh only, but material goods and the attending addiction they trigger. The Fool of traditional Elizabethan courts and other human theatres?

The grammar of terror and the vocabulary of horror.

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The grotesque and the gothic at work and play. A parody of iconic elements of American culture and film. A statement about our contemporary posthuman? Wither cinema? The weight of traditions and customs. The yoke of family expectations. Love and passion. Some desire felt but not articulated, or even named. The unexpected and unexplained ellipsis. Absence and unspoken thoughts. Silences, and then words again. The creative eye and the personal I Coming to terms with cannot be retrieved or recovered. A thought-provoking handling of iconic elements of Spanish culture and history.

A statement about loss and resilience. Pain and glory in a stalemate. The cascade above the gorges. You approach the fence. You have not been there in years. Suddenly the memory emerges, takes shape, tunes in. You are jolted into a poetry of mental designs. Like a jigsaw puzzle, the pattern falls into place—the design of happiness.

Table of contents

The former and original agenda for happiness rejoins the current one. Longing for a temporal home that has been lost; Retrieving it, perhaps, in the light that hovers over the landscape, in its promise of warmth and clarity. You see the other trail below. The eye looking for exactitude, the mind seeking for precision.

You decide to pay the emerging path a visit. The cows are long gone, and have not been replaced. The bridge looks new, though. And so is your emotion. You are surprised at not feeling the bitterness that would inevitably accompany this kind of revisiting.

Enjoying the view as if for the first time. You focus on the sound of the wind in the leaves You register the slow-paced steadiness of joy and peace. And, instead of musing over lost time, you rejoice over given time, like another expenditure of life.

Couples bound in power and ambition On different stages: If the world is a stage, the stage is a world Too. And the actors keep strutting about, Uttering their well-known tale Full of sound and fury. When the three Witches are encountered, No fear, No remorse, No dilemma. A rise to power, some ascension into abysmal corruption. The paradoxical dynamic of greatness gone unchecked, and unfettered. The blinding logic of self-delusion: Mediocrity to be overcome through bullying others.

Sleepwalking and unraveling. Spiraling out of control. Deeds done that cannot and will not be undone. So says Blanche DuBois upon seeing the Mexican vendor who carries the flowers to be displayed at funerals. Flores para los muertos. Where is the Streetcar named desire? Goose-eyes are abundant, but names scarce. Who fathers the foundlings? Then let their merit be nobody's, and their defects his who could write no better. Does this Mr. Author make new words when he pleases?

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Dead-eyes are in a ship. They are blocks, with holes in them. But what are goose-eyes in grammar? Some of the Germans gave them this name, making a jest of their form. The French call them guillemets , from the name of their inventor. Allen cor. See Murray's Note 4th on his Rule 10th. Anderson died at Westham , in Essex, in See Worcester's Gaz. Williams's Univ. Strath Ire. Luke the evangelist was a physician of Antioch, and one of the converts of St.

Children of Chin (The Chimera Chronicles Book 1) Children of Chin (The Chimera Chronicles Book 1)
Children of Chin (The Chimera Chronicles Book 1) Children of Chin (The Chimera Chronicles Book 1)
Children of Chin (The Chimera Chronicles Book 1) Children of Chin (The Chimera Chronicles Book 1)
Children of Chin (The Chimera Chronicles Book 1) Children of Chin (The Chimera Chronicles Book 1)
Children of Chin (The Chimera Chronicles Book 1) Children of Chin (The Chimera Chronicles Book 1)
Children of Chin (The Chimera Chronicles Book 1) Children of Chin (The Chimera Chronicles Book 1)
Children of Chin (The Chimera Chronicles Book 1) Children of Chin (The Chimera Chronicles Book 1)

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