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That’s because of the sensory details

Maybe you have the beginnings of a business there? Reblogged this on Mari Wells and commented: Great color reference!

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Thank you very much. How can I thank you enough? Good job!

Colour or Color—Which Is Correct?

My brother suggested I may like this blog. He was entirely right. This put up actually made my day. Thank you!

Writing with Color — Writing with Color: Description Guide - Words for

Reblogged this on The Scrapbook and commented: Brilliant! Thank you for your beautiful color words! My students had a great time picking one for their tangram animal we created in class. Absolutely love this post! I just stumbled across this, Ingrid — only a year late but better late than never. I think it has already changed my life.

I used it 5 times in my writing yesterday! I have also posted about it on my FB page and its been shared 11 times! I am so excited to hear this! Thank you for sharing. You are glorious! I did not see French Ultramarine in you blue section. I will reblog if I xn and try to find you more colour names.

Hello Ingrid! I work for the leading lifestyle and handicrafts brand of Bangladesh, Aarong. My department uploads the images and descriptions of our products. As I am responsible for content writing I was searching for a complete and standard color guide which I could follow as a reference. Thank you for this wonderful resource! Best wishes from Dhaka. I have file folders full of color names snipped from clothes catalogs, paint colors stolen from stores, and names collected from diverse locales like soil sample guides, pigment tubes, thesauri, and friends.

Help:Using colours

My father was a house painter and once asked me if I wanted some curtains a client was discarding. Well, how red? Light red. Cody, I love it!

The science behind sensory words

Where can we read some of your wine reviews? Yum yum! This would be a great poster.

Sight Words - Colors - Sight Words Kindergarten - High Frequency Words - Jack Hartmann

Perhaps one of the press manufacturers Heidelberg? It would pep up our language. I suppose one might struggle to translate it into other languages — how many Inuit words are there for the colour of ice? Hi Bill! I am actually currently working on a poster version of the thesaurus.

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  7. I really like the names of shades for the cold colors, especially purple. I am using your photos to help me explain which shade of a color i would like for a design-pattern or paint. This is great, thanks! Yesterday I had a customer who wanted something in the orange range. This made it so much easier come to a starting point.

    I am really happy to glance at this blog posts which carries tons of helpful information, thanks for providing such statistics. Hi Ingrid. Thank you for sharing this! I was so inspired by your collection of colours that I started collecting my own sourced from my day job at a kitchen design company.

    Some of the names they come up with for benchtops and doors are so creative.

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    Please let me know if you would like me to remove the hyperlink. Thank you so much for this, Ingrid!

    Use it everywhere

    Definitely bookmarking this website for future reference! Would love to see a poster of this, somewhere, too! Ingrid, I really appreciate this! I am a writer and partially color-blind. I essentially have a lot of difficulty distinguishing between various shades and describing them properly. I may see a color differently than the average person does, in other words. This should help with that. Thanks again. I feel like sanguine would be a better substitute for blood in the shades of red; blood-red seems so cliched and sanguine is unique in its dual meaning of blood-red and cheerful.

    Would you mind if I shared it on my blog? Now off to have a look at you work! I am a graphic designer with an emphasis on brand identity. Today, however, a sparkling new client gave me a list of her favorite colors: cobalt, emerald, ruby, amethyst, royal purple and gold. The first chart I landed on was standard web colors. My monitors are accurately calibrated, by the way. Paint swatches, other color charts, nothing showed the colors that reflected the names I was given to work with.

    I had a sense what they were, but wanted validation. And you gave it to me! Thank you for such a wonderful reference.

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    I will be creating a poster as part of my monthly personal design project, AmperArt — this one about color — and will mention your website and blog. So glad I found this place. Pantone Color swatches set to the tone of deftly descriptive names; a Thesaurus of color clans in families of palettes and hues living side by side, sharing their regalia.

    Thank you for birthing this project. Thank you for a valuable resource for both writers and artists! Hey Ingrid, thanks a lot for providing this useful piece of info. What a coincidence, learning various shades was on my mind for quite some time and I chanced upon your treasure. Gratitude for providing this learning opportunity. Dear Ingrid.

    Cheers, Michael. This is absolutely great. This is really helpful. Just sharing in my Pinterest using your social media buttons! Thanks and congratulations!! This is awesome. My husband paints abstract artwork, and I use it as a muse for poetry. Thanks so much. Color and color combinations have been on my mind lately, so stumbling across this article on Facebook was great! Working on a new yarn dyeing business has made it very important to express which shade of colors I mean, both to my customers and business partners, so having charts like this for reference is fabulous!

    Color Words for Writers Color Words for Writers
    Color Words for Writers Color Words for Writers
    Color Words for Writers Color Words for Writers
    Color Words for Writers Color Words for Writers
    Color Words for Writers Color Words for Writers
    Color Words for Writers Color Words for Writers
    Color Words for Writers Color Words for Writers
    Color Words for Writers Color Words for Writers
    Color Words for Writers

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