For The Sake Of The Children

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Charlotte Mason method homeschool helps.

For the sake of the children

Our children had a lot of questions. We told them that Jesus said we are to love our neighbors as ourselves and if everyone shares a little, nobody goes without. They kept playing. The following July we were at the swimming pool during a break and we brought out our snacks.

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A little boy gathered around our towel and said he had nothing to eat, so we shared our food. We only have two. Sam and I can share. And my children taught me something. They have been listening.

For the Sake of Our Children - Jeffery Ames (NJMEA All-State Choir 2009)

They are watching. Surprisingly enough, that taps into an entire stream of human nature that comes so naturally to us. I explained to him that it tells stories of people who were faithful to Jesus even if it meant they could be killed. I told him that following Jesus is dangerous and you only do it if you are willing to be risky.

"I wasn't prepared to let my children be without a father."

Moments later I learned that Michael J. I only met MJ once when he came to our church to talk about his work with Conscientious Objectors in Germany. But the story everyone tells of him is that he was a risk-taker, troublemaker and rule-breaker, molded in the way of Jesus. Always looking for the next adventure with a purpose. I imagine the stories he was told and the alternative narrative that caught his imagination and drove him to be faithful even if it could mean death. And we have failed to teach them how to make all of those things true worship centered on the love of God: adventure with a purpose.

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Perhaps we were born for this? Here are a few things that add richness to my life.

Give them a try. But within a few weeks of separating from my husband, I felt vulnerable, empty, and alone. Although I was surrounded by people in my Philippine hometown, I often found myself weeping, longing for the comfort of someone to confide in. Assailed by doubts, I felt as though I were living in a haze. And yet I knew I had to be strong for the sake of my children.

The burden of their welfare rested solely upon my shoulders, I felt. Humbled and desperate, I knelt and asked Heavenly Father for three favors: good health, a clear mind, and emotional strength devoid of self-pity and selfishness.

For the sake of the children

My prayers were answered. In spite of difficult economic conditions in the Philippines, I was blessed with a good income. The harder I was able to work, the more money I earned. Our temporal needs were met, and I found the clarity of mind and the emotional strength I needed to be both mother and father to my children.

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I gave my children love and affection and as much attention as possible. Those children who grow up with parents who stay married but remain conflicted and hostile toward each other, and those whose parents are in low-conflict marriages and divorce anyway. If your marriage is full of conflict, a divorce could benefit your children in many ways. Here are five reasons it is best to end a high-conflict marriage:.

In the case of low conflict marriages, it is best to keep the family intact. Ultimately the choice belongs to the children. Please keep this in mind: if your children are currently happy and secure in their family which is more-or-less-impossible if you and your spouse are constantly arguing, sneering at, or ridiculing each other , you should consider their needs and happiness when deciding whether or not to divorce now. If your children are anxious, depressed, or acting out due to obvious hostility in your marriage, however, please consider the harm you are doing to them if you decide to stay in a high-conflict or abusive marriage.

For The Sake Of The Children For The Sake Of The Children
For The Sake Of The Children For The Sake Of The Children
For The Sake Of The Children For The Sake Of The Children
For The Sake Of The Children For The Sake Of The Children
For The Sake Of The Children For The Sake Of The Children

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