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Dignitatis Humanae. Sign up for our campaign by text message or email to stay up to date on the latest religious freedom issues, including opportunities for action.

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Together, we can help protect our first American freedom for generations to come! Article : As HHS birth control mandate comes into effect, religious freedom flounders. Video : Archbishop Lori on Religious Freedom. Radio Ad : Indivisible. It also contributes to the possibility of innocent people pleading guilty, because they fear the long and harsh sentence they would receive if convicted at trial, even if the chance of conviction is remote.

Unsurprisingly, the crucial constitutional protection that the right to trial by jury provides is weakened when a defendant may be sentenced based on conduct even when he or she is acquitted of that conduct by a jury. This contributes to coercive plea bargaining and to the trial penalty. We urge you to support this bill, which would eliminate an unjust practice and would strengthen the protections our Constitution provides.

Photo Credit: Chris Potter. The bill would remove the lifetime ban on the American Opportunity Tax Credit for those convicted of a drug felony, enabling more Americans to rebuild their lives through education following a conviction. You can read the letter bellow and linked to here.

Since , individuals have been able to claim a portion of qualified tuition, fees, and course materials paid for themselves if eligible, or for an eligible student, in the form of a federal tax credit for the first four years of higher education. However, individuals convicted of a state or federal drug felony have been barred for life from claiming this federal tax credit.

More than twenty years ago, when Congress first enacted what would become the AOTC, it was believed that forms of punishment like the drug felony ban would reduce demand and supply for illegal drugs.

For individuals seeking to rebuild their lives following a conviction, education is one of the most valuable tools. Research shows that the more education an individual obtains, the less likely they are to be incarcerated. For the tax code to arbitrarily discriminate against those with a felony drug conviction is nonsensical.

It is also inappropriate to address drug policy in the tax code. The drug felony ban simply amounts to duplicative punishment for individuals who have already paid a debt through prison time, fines, probation, or rehabilitation programs. The ban also disproportionately affects people of color. The felony ban also creates confusion that likely deters taxpayers from claiming the AOTC even when eligible. For instance, millions of people across the country are arrested annually for violations of drug laws that vary by state.

Removing the felony ban will make the AOTC fairer, simpler and more effective. Exclusions to AOTC eligibility do not exist for any other class of crimes. Thankfully, there is precedent for doing so. The exclusion would have been repealed in a larger reform of education tax credits in the Student and Family Tax Simplification Act, which passed the House in with bipartisan support. Congress should remove arbitrary barriers like the American Opportunity Tax Credit drug felony ban that could impede the success of individuals who are seeking to improve their lives and equalize the treatment of this form of tax-based federal student aid.

Photo Credit: Chris.

This will promote numerous U. The U.

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The agreement also establishes digital product protections. The protections prevent discriminatory tax measures and tariffs on digital products and data transfers. Doing so would raise U.

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International Trade Commission. They will continue negotiations to further improve their economic relationship. Photo Credit: Flickr - Gage Skidmore. Avowed socialist and Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has released the latest radical tax proposal of the campaign cycle.

The new Sanders proposal is a progressive annual wealth tax designed to completely eliminate wealthy Americans. Sanders would also punish Americans that leave the country to escape his extreme wealth tax. The Sanders tax gives Internal Revenue Service IRS agents the power to audit 30 percent of wealth tax returns for the top 1 percent of Americans, as well as a percent audit rate for all billionaires.

This is an ambitious estimate that assumes that high-earners do not relocate their homes and wealth elsewhere immediately after Sanders is elected president. As mentioned before, the Sanders wealth tax is expressly designed to completely eliminate high-earning Americans.

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Sanders forecasts that his new wealth tax would take 15 years to cut the wealth of American billionaires in half. A wealth tax has failed miserably everywhere it has been tried. In recent years, at least 10 OECD countries have repealed their wealth taxes, citing negative economic impacts and harm to entrepreneurship and risk-taking. For example, a wealth tax in France imposed on assets over 1. In alone, 12, millionaires left France , the highest outflow in the world. The year prior, in , 10, millionaires left France for other countries, according to a report by New World Wealth.

The Sanders wealth tax is also wildly out of touch with how Americans view the wealthy. Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore. If the tax cuts were repealed:. CNN : "In fact, estimates from both sides of the political spectrum show that the majority of people in the United States of America did receive a tax cut.

New York Times : "Most people got a tax cut. If you want to stay up-to-date on their threats to raise taxes, visit www. Responding to Biden, Warren dodged the question again and told a CNN reporter that " Giant corporations are going to see their costs go up.

Freedom of religion and conscience: Restoring civility, protecting pluralism

Warren repeatedly dodged the question last week during an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. We will not share your email address with any outside group. Skip to main content. Restoring Internet Freedom is a Win for the Internet. Share on Facebook. Tweet this Story. Pin this Image. Text Tax? Not Happening under this FCC.

North Carolina That tax code overhaul approved by North Carolina lawmakers in utilized revenue triggers to reduce the corporate tax rate by Let's go straight to the bill, so you can see for yourself. ATR Applauds Rep.

Restoring American Freedom Restoring American Freedom
Restoring American Freedom Restoring American Freedom
Restoring American Freedom Restoring American Freedom
Restoring American Freedom Restoring American Freedom
Restoring American Freedom Restoring American Freedom
Restoring American Freedom Restoring American Freedom
Restoring American Freedom Restoring American Freedom
Restoring American Freedom Restoring American Freedom

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