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More submissions cowberry brain dump hug button party truck bingeworthy match-fit social robot tabula gratulatoria polylithic view entries. For the down bow stroke the stabilising effect of the little finger is not required The value of both types of staccato to right-hand technique is distinctly different.


The time spent in uninterrupted practice should be limited. Start by practising simple staccato and portato and the transition to these from legato.

Constantly observe the accents at the beginning of each note and the stopping of the bow at the end. Experiment with playing small groups of staccato notes in different groupings in various parts of the bow exercise 2, Dounis.

Exercise 3 shows a few of the possible combinations. As you change from portato to staccato the emphasis shifts from the horizontal to the vertical component of the bow pressure. As for acquiring brilliant staccato, violin literature and folklore abound with advice.

Staccato, Definition, And How To Use It As A Guitarist

For instance, Flesch suggests holding the bow with only the first finger. The most reliable way is described and taught by Applebaum, Dannemann, Robert Gerle and Vaclav Huml: play tremolo at the point of the bow and than start moving the bow towards the frog. The movement of the arm eliminates the downward component of the tremolo leaving only short up-bow strokes to be heard.

The Agility Of Staccato - Famous Singers

While the two staccatos are different, practising passages which are to be played with brilliant staccato by way of controlled staccato can improve the precision and control of both. Furthermore, practising firm staccato on both up and down bows is an excellent way of improving general bow technique.

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Video: Violinist Itzhak Perlman on mastering up-bow staccato. Breathing naturally is one of the first principles of Alexander teaching - and it's a must for anyone who suffers from stage fright, says Joseph Sanders. Contract Negotiations.

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