The N00b Warriors: The Graphic Novel (Volume One)

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Star Wars: Legacy 4: Noob

Oh, and it helped inspire just about every idiosyncratic and interesting superhero comic from to present.

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That's quite the legacy, and it's shockingly new-reader friendly for a Marvel Comic. Without a doubt, the funniest, foulest fantasy comic of the s. While these first issues or so Ditko leaves after AMS 38, but the hits keep coming are darn near perfect comic book storytelling, they are also quite clearly from the s. So if nostalgia and an appreciation for times long gone fit your audience, they're gonna love this Spider-Man character.

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Kamala Khan restores so much of the high school drama and outright heroism that made Peter Parker such a beloved character in the s. Invincible takes the Spider-Man and Superman templates, mashes them together with no regard for bodily harm, and proceeds from there with the most inventive and consistent superhero comic in stores today.

Is your comic book convert: a a foodie b really into iZombie or c a world's greatest Rooster enthusiast? At first glance, Chew feels like a book with a short life span, but John Layman and Rob Guillory have built an incredibly fun, twisted, inhabitable Chew-verse. If for no other reason, give someone a copy of Chew so they can understand the might and fury of Poyo: Warrior Chicken. Darth Maleval back hands Hondo with a clenched fist before lassoing Hondo's neck with a shock whip and electrocuting him. Anson shoots Darth Maleval in the back killing the Sith and saving Hondo.

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It is reported that Darth Maleval and Hondo Karr were killed in battle. Sergeant Harkas is taken away by a med-droid leaving Anson the only remaining member of Joker Squad.

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Anson is approached by a "Newbie" looking for Joker Squad to which he replies, "I'm it. Noob , a standalone issue drawn by a new penciller, would follow Broken in order to give Duursema breathing room with Legacy ' s monthly schedule. When the design work involved with the series' launch and the demands of plotting out a new story with new characters proved more work than the creative team expected, Noob was moved up to become Legacy ' s fourth issue and an interlude to Broken.

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Ostrander and Duursema chose to make Noob the series' fourth issue because they felt that the end of Broken, Part 3 was the most natural break in Broken ' s story—they believed that interrupting the arc after its fourth or fifth issue would have been more disruptive to its flow. Although Travel Foreman filled in as Noob ' s artist, providing both penciling and inking, Ostrander—with input from Duursema—wrote its script, as he wanted to maintain some control over Legacy so soon after its launch.

Noob ' s title refers to its protagonist, Anson Trask, who is fresh out of his stormtrooper training. With Noob scheduled for a September 6 release, [8] a four-page preview was published on DarkHorse. With advertisements, the issue is thirty-two pages long; [2] the issue contains twenty-two pages of story.

Noob , along with issues eight through thirteen of Legacy , was later included in the trade paperback Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2: Shards , which was released on March 26 , Noob ' s cover art was used on the front of the book. Jes Gistang was the first named female stormtrooper to appear in Star Wars canon. The issue sees Roan Fel retake the fortress world of Bastion from Krayt's Imperials, thanks in part to Jaeger having slowly rotated Fel-loyal stormtroopers into service on the planet.

When Fel asks Jaeger if all of the troops have arrived, the general responds "The th has been delayed. When designing Noob ' s cover, Duursema had two different pieces of reference art for Maleval's species, the Quarren—one depicted them with three-fingered hands, and the other with five-fingered hands. Although she preferred the former look, she ultimately chose to go for consistency with the five-fingered look that Travel Foreman was using on the interior art. Maleval thus has five fingers both in and on the front of the issue. Jes Gistang's appearance in Noob made her the first named female stormtrooper in Star Wars canon , [1] although an image of an unnamed female trooper had earlier been included in the preview issue Star Wars: Legacy 0 , [6] and Star Wars creator George Lucas had established the existence of female stormtroopers while preparing background material for 's original Star Wars film.

The guide asserts that the cannon's power pack must be replaced after ten shots, [37] which contrasts with Noob ' s claim that a new power pack is needed after just four shots. He also complimented Foreman's art, which he felt used minimal backgrounds as a way to focus on the characters and their drama, and which he believed portrayed Maleval as effectively sinister and dangerous.

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Boivin was, however, critical of the word " noob " existing in the Star Wars universe. When the Shards trade paperback was released in , a staff writer for Things From Another World named Josh gave it five out of five stars, singling out Noob as a treat and a nice break from Legacy ' s primary storyline. Legacy ' s forty-first issue reveals how Hondo Karr joined Joker Squad. Anson Trask, Ran Harkas, and a newly-staffed Joker Squad go on to play minor roles in Legacy ' s sixteenth , seventeenth , and forty-eighth issues, [44] [45] [46] as well as issues three and four of the followup miniseries Star Wars: Legacy—War.

The Jokers are cited as a notable stormtrooper unit of the Star Wars Expanded Universe , while Gistang is named as one of the "best-known members of the rarely-explored ranks of female stormtroopers. In , Hasbro Inc. Each figure comes packaged with at least one weapon that appears in Noob : Maleval with his lightsaber and shock whip, Gistang with her heavy blaster cannon, Karr with his knife, and each stormtrooper with a blaster rifle. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article is about the fourth issue of Star Wars: Legacy. You may be looking for the fourth issue of Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2 or for the slang term " noob.

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We're working hard to do quality work AND hit the deadline. That's why, from tome [sic] to time, we'll have fill-ins like issue 4. You'll see what I mean as we go.

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Since the artist for the issue had designed his Quarren around the 5 fingered Quarren, I went with that for consistency. I prefer the three fingered Quarren myself… by 3 or 5 fingers, Maleval is still a nasty lookin Sith! A gripping tale of the hardships of being a soldier, Ostrander at his best. Wookieepedia has 27 images related to Legacy 4: Noob. Dark Horse Digital. Archived from the original on March 16 , Retrieved on April 14 , Hey, Noob! Nice haircut! Posted by johnostrander on October 14 , ,

The N00b Warriors: The Graphic Novel (Volume One) The N00b Warriors: The Graphic Novel (Volume One)
The N00b Warriors: The Graphic Novel (Volume One) The N00b Warriors: The Graphic Novel (Volume One)
The N00b Warriors: The Graphic Novel (Volume One) The N00b Warriors: The Graphic Novel (Volume One)
The N00b Warriors: The Graphic Novel (Volume One) The N00b Warriors: The Graphic Novel (Volume One)
The N00b Warriors: The Graphic Novel (Volume One) The N00b Warriors: The Graphic Novel (Volume One)
The N00b Warriors: The Graphic Novel (Volume One) The N00b Warriors: The Graphic Novel (Volume One)
The N00b Warriors: The Graphic Novel (Volume One) The N00b Warriors: The Graphic Novel (Volume One)

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