Tim and Humu (The Fish Who Taught Tim To Swim)

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Since I intentional programmed them in my psyche, they may seem vastly different then most people. This script is great for when I am giving myself an excuse not to try something or ask someone. Most Americans have really poor scripts on eating. If I want to change my results, I need to change my choices.

Base your decision on the contractor that demonstrates the best value and track record instead of price. If all are equal, go for the best price. We sold our house during the recession and were able to purchase a single family home for cheaper than we sold our townhome for in the same area. We did it by staging our house so that the Realtors liked showing our house We had over 50 people come through our house.


Most jobs can be automated or outsourced for a fraction of the cost and management headaches. Everyday in everyway, I get more and more financial secure. This keeps my financial risk low and my security high. I will fight to the end. I watched my competitors close their doors as my business continued to grow. Please let me get you international exposure and , readers instantly!!! I too only watch Indian movies when they are highly recommended. It may be a cultural stereotype but they are part of invisible scripts that condition our upbringing.

Blaming is also much easier than taking charge of it. Lastly, script that has been bothering me lately is that a woman needs to work to be independent. I am a homemaker and I am homeschooling my child. I know in this day and age that is considered traditional and considered less than a working woman to be home but I make this choice consciously. We have one income but we live a very fulfilling life. Staying grounded to my values is what makes me an independent thinker and doer despite what the latest trend society may follow.

Tim Rosanelli—you are right on with your post—it is truly about your perspective and your attitude that keeps you buoyant in the rough seas. Ramit—I thoroughly enjoyed your book—for its entertaining style but advice is also applicable in many facets of life, not just finance. You truly deserve this success! Men staying home to care for kids is even less accepted.

Yet both parents a lot of the times regretted on how little time they spent with their kids when they were young and needed parental attention the most. Some invisible scripts…. Never mind working for a school district and all of its red tape is totally unstimulating and its near impossible to get projects off the ground. Besides, we are in a recession. There are some great scripts in these comments! Here are a few that I have noticed in American society:. We are all victims of our coffee being too hot, our government taking our money, that backstabbing friend who we would never say a bad thing about- unless they deserved it, of course!

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Lawyers in the US make bank because people constantly believe they have been wronged, which leads me to my next script:. Do you deserve the very best? Plenty of my friends seem to think so. I also have to remark that the buying a house script really annoys me. My husband and I needed to purchase a car, so we saved our money and bought one. Apparently having a method of transportation to get to work so that you can earn money to buy a house totally escaped them.

Real Estate is a great way to invest — dad keeps pressuring me to buy a house, even though we have a cheap apartment that we love. For example: if I buy somebody a cup of coffee, I don't expect them to buy me one later. If pressured to buy something, say "I'll think about it" and get a number. I've bought some things on the spot I didn't want and passed up thinks I wanted because I can't think rationally when put on the spot.

If I'm considering buying something, I can only put it on my card if I have the cash in the bank for it. Being a poor college student, it's tempting to just charge everything but I don't want to be stuck with huge credit card balances when I graduate.

The key to uncovering our own scripts is doing exactly what you did. Having inherited some of your Indian scripts, and having lived in the US with its own scripts, watching something from Indian culture made the scripts obvious. You may have not picked up on them if they were always around. Watching a totally different culture Texas football culture allowed you to easily see what their scripts were.

Myth: Women love small children.

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Myth: America is the best country. This was huge in my family, and even as an adult I wasted years in underpaid jobs that limited my role to clean-up behind the scenes until I quit and started my own business. I might get lost in the tide here, but here are several scripts that I have found over the years.

The need to be free. Risk adverse. Save and buy. I only bought something when I could pay for it in cash. As a tangent, I also tend to sleep on a lot of purchases or add them to my Amazon wish list. This is really handy around Christmas time when people ask what I want.


For some reason, I have been immune to this phenomenon. My two big ticket items, my computer and TV, are both items that I wanted, not something to show off. Compulsive hoarder. This behavior shows up with a vengeance in my video games though. Perfect Execution Syndrome. I over research decisions and plans I make, and sometimes avoid decisions because of this. I feel this is a contributing factor to 2 above. Breaking expectations. I often go out of my way to foil an expectation.


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Carrying around a courier bag. Expected to go to college.

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This was big in my family. Both parents graduated. My Dad worked for his tuition, and my Mom is doing her third tour this year. Most of my extended family consists of college graduates. This is a hybrid script, because it became so ingrained and expected that I considered it the next logical step, like going to high school after middle school.

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It was just something everybody did. Expected to succeed and meet my potential. People, including my parents and teachers, expected me to achieve and meet the potential they saw in me. It got ugly sometimes. Eat healthy. My Mom passively encouraged this growing up by buying few unhealthy foods. Sugary cereals and snacks were rewards for good behavior. Dinners were also well balanced. This is another hybrid script, since I now do the same thing. Even if someone has faced something similar, their situation is always way worse.

And no one understands. I went to college to experience new things and meet new people, not because I thought my classes would magically make me a better employee. Owning a house is better than renting. This is one thing that really bothers me about our culture. I feel bad for people guys especially who live with their parents after college. We have a culture that expects college grads to be employed right of the gate and get no financial help from their established parents. By the way, I paid for my own college and started working right out the gate, and had my own apartment in my third year.

Here are some scripts from myself, friends, and acquaintances.

Tim and Humu (The Fish Who Taught Tim To Swim) Tim and Humu (The Fish Who Taught Tim To Swim)
Tim and Humu (The Fish Who Taught Tim To Swim) Tim and Humu (The Fish Who Taught Tim To Swim)
Tim and Humu (The Fish Who Taught Tim To Swim) Tim and Humu (The Fish Who Taught Tim To Swim)
Tim and Humu (The Fish Who Taught Tim To Swim) Tim and Humu (The Fish Who Taught Tim To Swim)
Tim and Humu (The Fish Who Taught Tim To Swim) Tim and Humu (The Fish Who Taught Tim To Swim)
Tim and Humu (The Fish Who Taught Tim To Swim) Tim and Humu (The Fish Who Taught Tim To Swim)

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